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How a mirror can change your house

The Mirror was invented in 1835, but the earliest archetypes of mirrors date back more than 6000 years. It is believed that people in Anatolia, which is now Turkey, made the first mirrors. Did you know that mirrors can help plants grow? A mirror can be used to help increase light in shaded spots of a garden so that more plants can grow in those sparse areas. Mirrors can reflect the available light in a garden to allow certain areas to be brighter. Redirecting the light can help plants that are not getting enough sunlight! Mirrors are helpful because they reflect energy in the form of light. Mirrors also reflect the positive energy of beautiful objects.

Depending on how you use them, mirrors can activate and deflect different energies and let you multiply different elements around your house. At Algarve Elegance we have a large choice for mirrors and we can help you to choose the right one for your home! For more information please contact us.

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